Custom Order Process

For all custom orders the process is exactly the same for all our products (excluding gifts). Here is a step by step guide to our custom process.  Custom orders for clubs are only paid for once the design has been agreed for your peace of mind.  For clubs we offer a sizing  service to make sure you get the best fit for your team! Delivery for all custom orders is approximately 12-14 weeks.  

Step 1.

Choose your product.  Choose the size and check out like you would any stock leo.  Upon receiving your order we will contact you and start the custom process.

Step 2.

Each product has a template which we will send you like the one below.


Step 3.

Step 3.

It's like paint by numbers! Each number on the template requires a colour from either of colour charts.  We have a Standard Colour Chart and a Neon Colour Chart.  You cannot mix up the two charts. Apologies for the images we are working on this!

neon chart.jpg

Step 4.

So once you have decided on colours we will submit this to our designers.  You will receive back your artwork which you will either approve or change! An example of your artwork is below.